Tom Delaney (BS CS, '13). Software, system and hardware development of version 2.0 of the weather station. Tom developed the necessary code to create time-lapse movies from the individual frames captured by the web camera. He also built the web camera enclosure and helped with the setup of the server. Jason Scaroni (BS CS, '13). Jason developed the necessary code to port the station's console interface from the proprietary Windows software to Linux. He also setup and administered the Linux server and developed the on-line data analysis and dynamic charting tools.
Aymeric Randanne de Vazeille (MS CIS, '10). Aymeric worked on the initial version of the software with the objective to extract and store raw data from the sensor suite and create a basic, data workflow prototype. Since the completion of his degree, he has been working as an Optical Systems Engineer for Tetracore. Samuel Stansfield (BS CS, '10). Sam developed the first end-to-end incarnation of the weather station (version 1.0). He created the first database, and user interfcace scripts for the project. Since the completion of his degree, he has been working as a Web Developer for OGSystems.
Dr. George Dimitoglou. Oversees the operation of the weather station and site. Designed the overall architecture, provided hardware components and developed code for data packaging and distribution.

We are grateful to the Hood Facilities for their help in mounting our instrumentation on the greenhouse mast. Some of the computer hardware was provided as part of a small hardware grant from NIST.